Northumbrian Pipes

Northumbrian Smallpipes Made in Northumberland

Welcome.  I make Northumbrian Pipes, handcrafted sets in Northumberland.

14 Key set in Lignum Vitae and Brass

As a player of this unique instrument, I understand how important it is to customise your set of Northumbrian Pipes to the specifications you require.  This is not only so you have an instrument of beauty and wonderful tone, but so each part of the instrument is sized to fit you and make it as easy to play as possible.

Each set is hand made and there are a number of options available.  Have a look at some of these here and contact me for advice and guidance on how to choose your ideal set.

The Northumbrian Smallpipes are a melodious, bellows blown bagpipe.  They are softly spoken in comparison with other bagpipes and are normally played indoors.

The chanter has a closed end and is played with closed fingering, giving a beautiful and unique staccato character.

Three drones are normally used as accompaniment – a bass and tenor tuned an octave apart, and a baritone tuned a fifth above the bass.

Sets of Northumbrian Pipes are made to order.  There are a range of options of design, materials, musical range and price so please contact me to discuss your requirements.


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