Northumbrian Smallpipes – Drone Stocks

When starting a set, I quite like to building the drones from the stocks upwards.  This means I need to make the stock first, then rough out the standing sections and finally the sliding parts of each drone.  Following this plan, I’ve made up the drone stock for the keyless smallpipes set.

northumbrian pipes

Starting with a rounded length of blackwood and a section of brass tube.

northumbrian pipes

The Blackwood is roughly shaped and drilled to take the drones.












northumbrian pipes

The stock is reversed in the lathe and the taper shaped.

northumbrian pipes

Now the body of the stock is hollowed out.












Northumbrian pipes

The brass ferrule is fitted and it’s ready for final polishing.









Now this is complete I can start turning the drones and build the set up form this base.

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