Northumbrian Smallpipes Fettling, Maintenance and Repairs

Northumbrian Pipe MakerDo your Northumbrian Pipes need some repairs or maintenance?  Are they leaking, squeaking and misbehaving?  Get in touch to discuss how I can help you get your Northumbrian Pipes back to top playing condition.

Northumbrian Smallpipes can suffer from neglect.  If unused for some time joints may start to leak, reeds might harden and leather can become porous.  Key pads might leak or even fall off.  All of this means that they might be very difficult or impossible to play.

Accidents can happen too.  Reeds might split or parts break, but fortunately most things can be repaired or replaced.

If you are having problems with your pipes I can examine them and let you know the work required to bring them back to play at their best.



Replacement Reeds

Northumbrian Pipe Reeds

Chanter reeds and drone reeds are individually made.  Chanter reeds are made from Medir cane.  Drone reeds are composite (wooden bodied with cane tongues).

I can also make all cane drone reeds.  These may need more maintenance in use depending on the playing environment.  I will need to have you pipes in my workshop as these are best made and set up specifically for a set of pipes.

Chanter Reeds – £50.

Composite Drone Reed – £25 per reed.

Cane Drone Reeds – £25 per reed.



Do You Need New Bellows?

Small pipes and Border pipes Bellows

My Bellows are made from leather hand stitched onto wooden cheeks which are curved on the standard and medium sets.  The lace arm strap is quick and easy to use, and the laced hinge allows free and independent movement of each cheek. Fittings can be brass or silver plated with the air inlet fitting made from blackwood or imitation ivory.  Waist Belts are leather and sized to fit.

I make Bellows in three sizes.  The standard size work perfectly with Northumbrian Smallpipes in F and G.  Medium Bellows provide a greater volume of air and are excellent with both F and G sets and also perfect for D sets and Scottish Smallpipes in A.  My Large size Bellows are designed to deliver the volume of air required for Border Pipes.

All pipes are very efficient and the supple leather means they are easy to use.

Hand Stitched Bellows – Standard -£300, Medium – £350, Large – £400.



Has Your Bag Worn Out?

Northumbrian Pipes

Northumbrian Pipes

Stitched leather bags are available in a range of sizes.  Each bag is made from specifically treated leather which is completely airtight without the need for seasoning.  Bags can either be provided for you to fit or fitted for you.

New bags are £110 (unfitted) or £150 (fitted).



If you need any help or advice on Northumbrian Smallpipes repairs and maintenance please contact me on

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