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Leather Stitching Tool

Bellows Stitching Tool

I’ve just bought this ‘Automatic Awl’ and I’m testing it out making a set of bellows.  Until now, I’ve been stitching bellows using saddle stitch, using two needles.  This is quite time consuming as I have to mark and make the needle holes in the leather with an awl first, then stitch with the needles.  This new tool does both of these jobs in one go.

It took a bit of setting up to use the thickness of thread needed for bellows, and some practice to use it properly, but I’m very happy with it now.  It produces excellent results in less time than my old method.

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Northumbrian Pipes Maker – Dealing with Smelly Old Leather!

ABBS, or Armpitted and Boxed Bellows Syndrome –   you know, the rancid smell that’s takes over the room when you get an old set of bellows which have been shut in a box for decades.  Getting rid of the awful smell can be a real problem.  Leather doesn’t like being washed.  Too much water and cleaning chemicals can damage or ruin it.

I gave this set a light clean with a soap, then nourished the leather with dubbin mixed with a few drops of scented oil.  If the problem persists, a few drops of scented oil dripped in through the bellows inlet can do the trick.

People will queue up to sit next to you as you emit pleasant odours as you play!

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