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Making Northumbrian Pipes Bellows


Northumbrian Pipes

Northumbrian Pipes – Bellows Cheeks

Northumbrian Small and often Border Pipes are bellows driven, so each set has a set of bellows.  For this set I’m using Elm for the cheeks.  The Elm is cut to shape and a stitching groove established near its edge.  This groove is then drilled and what will be the inside of the cheek varnished while it is accessible.


Northumbrian Pipes

Northumbrian Pipes – Stitching Bellows

The Leather is hand stitched through the drilled holes using Saddlers Stitch.  This stitching takes time and is done in such a way that an airtight seal is established between the leather and the wooden cheek.


Northumbrian Pipe Maker

Northumbrian Pipes – Stitching finished and ready for inlay

I’ve finished one side of the bellows here.  Once both bellows cheeks are stitched on, the next step will be to fill the stitching groove and finish the handmade brass fittings

Northumbrian Pipes

Northumbrian Pipes – Bellows Fittings








Once completed, the one way air valve will be made and the leather belts, hinge and straps fitted.  The Bellows are then finished off and tested.

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