Northumbrian Pipemaker – New Sets

A busy day in the Northumbrian Pipe Makers Workshop.


Today has been a day of preparation, with several projects underway.

Northumbrian Pipe Maker

Northumbrian Pipes – Blanks for 3 sets

I’ve been turning down the wood for three sets and you can see them here.  Each set has a Chanter, and two turned pieces for each of the four drones.  You can also see the smaller pieces above each set which will be the stocks needed to connect the chanter and bellows to the leather bag.  These will each have a metal ferrule which not only looks great but adds strength where the sections join.

At the bottom of the picture are a couple of extended chanters I’m working on.  These will each have 17 keys when finished.

Northumbrian Pipe Maker

Northumbrian Pipes Wood Blanks

Of the three sets shown, two are 7 key sets but I also started today on the Keyless set.  You can see the shorter Chanter and wood for the three drones required for this set.

Now that these have been roughly turned to size, they’ll be rested for a while and given further time to settle.  This step is important, and gives me time to make the bags, the bellows and dedicate some of my time to making the keys for the extended chanters.





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