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Northumbrian Pipemaker – Repairs to a Robert Reid Set

Robert Reid Set

I recently had the privilege to work on a set made by Robert Reid.  Robert Reid (1784–1837) is widely acknowledged as the creator of the modern form of the Northumbrian Smallpipes.   About 75 of his sets are known.  Most of these are kept in collections and only a handful are played.



Repairs to key spring and block completed

This set needed some repairs as the old repair to the C# key block had failed and the low E key spring had broken.


R Reid stamped on the Drone Stock


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Northumbrian Pipes – Reed Making Video

Lots of people are interested in making chanter reeds and every reed maker has a slightly different way of doing it.  I’ve made a series of YouTube three videos showing my current method.  Here’s part one.

For more information please contact me at Kim@northumbrianpipes.co.uk

Northumbrian Pipes Maker – Dealing with Smelly Old Leather!

ABBS, or Armpitted and Boxed Bellows Syndrome –   you know, the rancid smell that’s takes over the room when you get an old set of bellows which have been shut in a box for decades.  Getting rid of the awful smell can be a real problem.  Leather doesn’t like being washed.  Too much water and cleaning chemicals can damage or ruin it.

I gave this set a light clean with a soap, then nourished the leather with dubbin mixed with a few drops of scented oil.  If the problem persists, a few drops of scented oil dripped in through the bellows inlet can do the trick.

People will queue up to sit next to you as you emit pleasant odours as you play!

For more information contact Kim@Northumbrianpipes.co.uk


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